RNeasy Plant Mini Kit (50)

Qiagen Cat. No. / ID: 74904

50 RNeasy Mini Spin Columns, 50 QIAshredder Mini Spin Columns, Collection Tubes (1.5 ml and 2 ml), RNase-free Reagents and Buffers

$507.00 Quantity 1

RNeasy Plant Mini Kit

The RNeasy Plant Mini Kit by Qiagen is designed for the efficient purification of high-quality total RNA from a wide array of plant and fungal samples.

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Suitable for various downstream applications, including:

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The kit utilizes QIAshredder spin columns for homogenizing and filtering plant or fungal lysates and RNeasy spin columns for purifying up to 100 µg of RNA using silica-membrane technology. It is compatible with automation on the QIAcube Connect and can be used with TissueRuptor or TissueLyser systems for sample disruption and homogenization.


Ideal for isolating total RNA from:

The typical yield from 100 mg of plant tissue ranges between 25 µg and 65 µg of RNA.


The kit combines guanidine-isothiocyanate lysis with silica-membrane purification technology, ensuring the highest-quality RNA with minimal co-purification of DNA. An on-column DNase treatment can be performed to remove residual DNA, if necessary.


The protocol involves lysing and homogenizing the samples using QIAshredder columns, adding ethanol to the lysate to provide ideal binding conditions, and then purifying the RNA on RNeasy silica membranes. Pure RNA is eluted in water.

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This product is intended for molecular biology applications and is not for diagnostic use.

For additional information and resources, including safety data sheets, brochures, guides, and kit handbooks, please visit Qiagen's official website.

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Each of these kits offers a proprietary approach to RNA isolation and purification, with unique features tailored to specific types of samples or user needs, such as automation compatibility, specific types of contaminants addressed, or the range of sample types that can be processed. When choosing an RNA extraction kit, scientists should consider the specific requirements of their experiments, such as the expected yield, purity needed for downstream applications, the throughput of samples, and the types of samples being processed.